The event was held at City Inn in Mbabane and attended by invited guests from the Crime Prevention Unit as well as the Business Coalition Against HIV and AIDS (BCHA).

He said last year they had invited speakers from the Swaziland Royal Insurance Corporation (SRIC) and Swazi Med to brief staff about the importance of their services.

This year, we decided to invite speakers from the crime prevention unit and BCHA mainly because HIV and AIDS together with crime in the workplace impact negatively on the profits of any organisation, explained Mabuza.

He said they would soon put in place their own HIV and AIDS policy so that the staff can know about the pandemic and further take the necessary precautions.

He said as a company, they were dedicated to the welfare of their staff, adding that this was the sole reason they were initiating a HIV policy.

The director explained that the virus was a problem at the workplace of any company as it would lose its core employees to the pandemic and thus impact negatively on the business.

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