The primary election is just around the corner: Tuesday June 6, to be precise. Campaign fliers proliferate in the mailboxes and signs sprout like toadstools on front lawns and in vacant lots. Already the air is thick with slung mud. In two short weeks it will all be a dim sordid memory, but now is the time when all good voters must study the issues and candidates.

I addressed the propositions and measures last week. Of particular importance in a primary election are the candidates. Come November, one Democrat and one Republican will face off for each seat; all very cut and dried. In June, we have actual choices.

This column is, of course, the Far Right Voter's Guide. I keep hoping that one of the columnists on the far left of the opinion page of The Dispatch will one day write a Far Left Voter's Guide, but up till now, no luck.

Her opponent, Karyn Sinunu, on the other hand alienated me during the Battle of Library Net Porn, by refusing to consider a report submitted to her by a police officer demonstrating how easy it was to download obscenity on the children's Internet terminals. Nor could Sinunu be considered a supporter of the Second Amendment.

I strongly recommend Terry Mahurin for water district. Interestingly, all my leftist counterparts on the opinion page support him, too. Mahurin is smart, knows the issues backwards and forwards, and is willing to do whatever it takes to trim a grotesquely bloated agency. Any reader who prefers to have government oversight boards run by rubberstamp committee should vote for one of the other candidates.

For Superintendent of Schools, incumbent Jack O'Connell is a shoo-in. Things could be worse: O'Connell has managed to get us an exit exam, so that for the first time in 20 years, a California diploma means that a graduate can read, write, and cipher at the eighth-grade level.

For Governor: Arnold Schwarzenegger. Granted, he is no conservative, particularly not fiscally. And if you, dear readers, had listened to me and voted for Tom McClintock, we would be much better off. But he has vetoed many looney tunes leftist laws.

He also has enough star power to possibly defeat another democrat in the fall. We need the Governator as Terminator to provide a last line of defense against the suicidal impulses of the late great state of California.

For Lieutenant Governor: Tom McClintock: smart, savvy, and fiscally conservative. For Treasurer, Claude Parrish, who has done a terrific job on the state board of equalization. For Attorney General, Chuck Poohigian.

For insurance Commissioner, Steve Poizner: he talks the talk; let us see if he will walk the walk. For Assembly District 28, Ignacio Velasquez, who passes on all three items of the litmus test: life, liberty, and property.

For Controller: Tony Strickland, who sued Gray Davis to force him to make public the records of the long-term extortionate electrical power contracts.

For U.S. Senator, Dick Mountjoy. For Representative, Raymond Chukwu, who has an only-in-America biography: a black American aerospace engineer, raised in Nigeria. Or if the reader is lucky enough to live in the 11th district, re-elect Pombo!

And for Republican Central Committee: Gilroy's own Mark Zappa and four women: Dottie Stewart, Shelley Weger, Marilyn Markham, and Denise McElhiney.

The astute reader will notice I make no endorsement for certain offices. That was intentional. In November, I may vote for RINOs; in June, I can vote my conscience.

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