We go in and the customer describes what they want to keep, what they want to throw away, what they want to give to Goodwill. I will not take anything without their permission. We do residential, garage and office. At this time, garage is the most business because of spring cleaning.

We can also do a notarized inventory for the insurance. While we do organizing, we can do that as a service. So, they don't have to call somebody else.

People who work a lot and don't have time. Senior citizens. They accumulate for years and they don't know whom to call. I have customers who haven't organized their garage in the last five, 10, 20, 30 years.

According to how many items and when was the last time they organized. The time it will take, how many people we will need to help. Our spring special is $349 for a small garage. It includes disposal of debris, transportation of unwanted items to nonprofit organizations. It's at least six hours of work.

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