Both Npszabadsg and Napi Gazdasg say the text is short on specifics, though not completely devoid of them. It claims that the state is the biggest enemy, as since the change of regime everything has transformed, only the state has remained stationary. The proposal also calls for a reduction in MP numbers to under 300, and for fewer local government deputies. It adds that the present number of civil servants in public administration is unnecessary and that privatisation will continue.

County local governments will be phased out and regional governments will take over from 2008. Only those with health insurance can expect full services, while a system involving several insurance companies may be included for private capital investment at a later date. Compulsory membership of chambers will be abolished.

While 1,000 schools will be upgraded and 300 schools will be renovated before 2013, the number of compulsory classes will be reviewed in primary schools. Retrospective tuition fees will be introduced in higher education. Preferential treatment will be provided to SMEs in public procurement procedures, as will beneficial loan conditions.

Budapest will see the M0 circular ring road completed, a new Aquincum bridge on the Danube built, an express train built to Ferihegy airport, a fourth metro line built and a fifth line prepared.

Border guards and police will be merged before October 31, 2007 when the Schengen treaty takes effect. NATO-funded radars will be in operation within four years. The Swedish Gripen fighter jets will replace MiG-29 fighter planes by the end of the term. In foreign policy Hungary's priorities will include neighbouring countries, the US, NATO allies, EU states, Russia and Asian countries.

Speaking minutes after the government platform was posted online, Fidesz spokesman Pter Szjjrt said: "A vital precondition for a genuine debate on the government programme is for parliament, the opposition and the people to get a picture of the true state of the Hungarian economy. Otherwise, the fundamental rights of the opposition and society are restricted," he added.

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