Employee smoking results in significant direct and indirect costs to employers. After a careful study and review of the costs of smoking on the job Moylan's Insurance in the Julale Shopping Center in Hagatna implemented a no smoking, drug-free work place. Plan administrator Jerry Crisostomo says in order to keep a clean, safe and productive environment the no smoking ban extends to everyone at the facility.

"It's a program that we've studies and analyzed over a year and a half, not just Moylan's Insurance and our subsidiary companies but the building itself is also a nonsmoking inside and outside between the parking lots including your car if it's parked in our parking lot you are not are not allowed to smoke around the premises of this building," he said.

Crisostomo says there are several reasons why Moylan's Insurance decided to go completely smoke-free, including increased cleaning and maintenance costs, rising health insurance costs, lost productivity, and illness among non smokers exposed to secondhand smoke. "It's not only smoking cigarettes but also chewing tobacco and all the other tobacco related habits but those add up in your increase in health care claims they increase your absenteeism with your employees, low productivity that affects you bottom line as a company and so we've taken that in account when we studies this plan about a year and half ago," he said.

Crisostomo says another disadvantage employing a smoker is the amount of time lost due to smoke breaks. "We're looking at an average of $480 to $500 dollars a week that is lost on productivity of an employee that does smokes versus one that doesn't smoke," he said.

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