Carolina Family Practice & Sports Medicine, a seven physician medical practice equipped to manage a wide variety of medical conditions for patients of all ages, today announced the addition of the VitalChart Secure Personal Health Record to its suite of patient services. VitalChart, a product from Medcryption, is the first patient owned health record that is managed by patients and physicians together. VitalChart enables patients to carry a secure and comprehensive copy of their entire medical history conveniently on a key chain flash-drive.

Designed for the general public, VitalChart is particularly valuable for frequent travelers, patients managing chronic medical conditions, and anyone in a hazardous occupation or who participates in high-risk sports.

The unique Web-based system utilizes flash-drive technology to store individual up-to-date health care information on a waterproof USB key drive, easily accessible by the patient and physician.

The process is simple. A Web site collects the information for a patient's personal health record including medical conditions, medications, allergies, emergency contacts, insurance information and more. Once all the information is entered, the subscriber has the option to print the record in up to 13 languages from a PC or Macintosh computer or download it to a portable and waterproof USB key drive.

For patients, a VitalChart subscription costs $19 to get started and $7.95 per month to continue service. As a member of the VitalChart Provider Network, Carolina Family Practice & Sports Medicine can verify the information in the patient profile and enter any missing information.

Safe and secure, the health record is encrypted with 256-bit AES/Rijndael, an algorithm approved for U.S. Government files and communications marked Top Secret. Even if the USB key drive is lost or stolen, patient information is still protected.

Carolina Family Practice & Sports Medicine (CFP&SM) is a seven physician medical practice with locations on Cary Parkway in Cary, North Carolina and Falls of the Neuse Road in Raleigh, North Carolina. CFP&SM is a unique practice in that all physicians are board certified in family practice and sports medicine. The core service of CFP&SM is to provide high quality primary care to infants, children, and adults in Wake County. CFP&SM is the official healthcare providers/head team physicians for the NHL Carolina Hurricanes, Carolina Ballet, USA Baseball, Cisco Systems, Impact Athletics, North Carolina High School Athletic Association, Raleigh Rugby and FAST Coaching. To learn more, visit .

Headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC, Medcryption creates secure, state-of-the-art information technology solutions that enable patients, providers, and payors to achieve and maintain the best possible patient health outcomes. The VitalChart Secure Personal Health Record, Medcryption's first product, enables patients to carry a secure copy of their entire medical history on their key chain. VitalChart is the first personal health record that is patient owned and managed by both patients and physicians. To learn more about Medcryption and VitalChart visit .

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