"My concern is that there are so many people like ourselves that are probably going through the same thing - some a little better and probably some are worse."

The Staugaitises were among about 80 Martin County families still living in travel trailers provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency earlier this year because they were having trouble rebuilding their homes several months after Hurricane Wilma.

They came under pressure from Martin County officials and neighboring homeowners in March, even though they had difficulty obtaining insurance payments and finding a contractor to construct new houses.

The couple took a big step forward on May 28, when they received permission from the county Board of Zoning Adjustment to center their new 1,700-square-foot house on their 72-foot by 100-foot lot at the corner of Spencer Street and Sumner Avenue.

Now that they've cleared that hurdle, the couple expects FEMA to remove their second travel trailer from their lot in the next few days, Doug Staugaitis said. The demolition of the ruins of their old house is expected to follow within days.

"My biggest deal is I want to get the (ruined) house down and secure before we get into hurricane season, so it's not a danger to anybody else," he said.

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