Port Strategy is an international trade magazine meant, not surprisingly, for port executives. It's no doubt that decision makers around the world have access to this magazine. With this in mind it may be embarrassing to some that Guam is featured in a two-page article of the May 2006 issue entitled "Guam: Politics Spoil the Party".

The article interviews some the island's port users who all agree that efforts to privatize must be beefed up but beyond that the article discusses Guam's political climate. The article even talks about the Governor's pro–privatization position and how his opponents for the 2006 election are trying stop port privatization in order to use this as an issue to beat him in the upcoming election. The piece even likens Guam's attempts to privatize with that of third world ports like Montivedo, Uruguay, and Beirut.

Guam governor Felix Camacho, who still supports privatization efforts, says that his major concern is that the Port Authority of Guam focus on acquiring a new crane. Right now the Port is attempting this through obtaining a USDA loan, however KUAM has learned that the Port already has a total of $17 million sitting in three different banks. The Governor says that he was shocked to learn that there was that much cash available, saying, "Definitely they may have it set out for certain different programs, but with that kind of money early on a crane should've been ordered."

Port Authority spokesperson Mike Henderson says that all that money - $12 million in all - is already set aside for other things, telling KUAM News that $7 million is insurance money for earthquake repairs that are ongoing, $1 million is to pay for a typhoon insurance policy, and the remaining $4 million is being reserved for the purchasing of new tractors, forklifts and a used interim crane. $6 million of this money is being held at Citizens Security Bank, whose president is Richard Northey - who also happens to be the former president of the port's board.

On the money that is being held in CSB, Henderson says that this was never a secret, and has always been public. Governor Camacho is afraid that with the Decision 2006 election right around the corner, the window of opportunity for port privatization may be closing, adding that even if an agreement was reached for privatization the Guam Legislature wouldn't act on it within their sixty-day timeline due to the fear the Port employees and their voting power.

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