I wanted to end with a bang in this final installment of my interview with the director of strategic planning from one of the world’s biggest marketing and CRM companies, BETC EuroRSCG.

Whitehill Technologies, Inc. today announced that it has purchased InSystems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Standard Register (NYSE:SR), a premier document services provider based in Dayton, Ohio, United States. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Current InSystems customers should expect business to continue without interruption. There are over 500 person-years and $60 Million invested in R&D between Whitehill and InSystems. The shared vision to build upon the domain expertise, process knowledge and service delivery success of the combined companies was a key driver of the acquisition.

Whitehill now has over 200 employees and offices in Canada (Markham, ON), the UK (London), and the United States (Roanoke, VA), with its corporate headquarters remaining in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Whitehill has already started meeting with InSystems customers and will continue to do so. Whitehill’s advanced technologies, plus the increased scale of the combined organization, should hopefully facilitate new offerings above and beyond InSystems existing release plans.

For Whitehill legal customers, the extension of document process oriented capabilities links well to the company’s current offerings in support of billing, reporting and data integration. “Our commitment to customer satisfaction and technology innovation is the core of our business success and we are excited about the new possibilities this provides to our legal customers,” said McSpurren.

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