I wanted to end with a bang in this final installment of my interview with the director of strategic planning from one of the world’s biggest marketing and CRM companies, BETC EuroRSCG.

Webify Solutions, a provider of service oriented business software for the healthcare industry, announced the latest version of its Webify Healthcare Fabric 4.0 at the America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Institute 2006 conference, AHIP's annual meeting.

Webify Healthcare Fabric 4.0 is the first fully integrated business services lifecycle management product tailored specifically for the healthcare industry. The platform allows customers to source, assemble, deliver and govern business services and service oriented business applications (SOBAs) such as the following healthcare applications: Rate and Quote solution provides real time access to the payer’s legacy system to create a web-based portal for brokers, employer groups and individuals to receive online quotes for medical, dental, and vision products including information on enrollment and renewal schedules. CDH Management solution allows healthcare payers to automate and manage new consumer driven healthcare value chains. This solution provides real time access to multiple payer legacy systems for consolidated medical, dental, vision and life information with aggregated deductible accumulations and FSA/HRA/HSA balances. Case Installation solution provides streamlined workflows, reduced manual touch points, and improved accuracy from signed quote to case/plan entry into legacy claim systems. This solution delivers improved service levels for plan sponsors, brokers, and sales staff and significantly reduces the time needed to activate new accounts and renew existing contracts. Provider Collaboration solution intercepts claims from existing PMS systems for direct business-to-business claim submission independent of clearinghouses for greater payer/provider collaboration around electronic claims filing, interactive claims reject repair, and automated claims status. Claims Attachment solution reduces paper handling costs by both the provider and payer, and allows for instant retrieval of vital healthcare documents. This solution captures additional information required by claims and automates the processes by which the submitting provider is notified and resubmits the documents electronically to the payer. Benefits and Eligibility solution captures patient scheduling files to automatically return eligibility information directly to the provider for scheduled patients. This solution provides real time access into a payer’s multiple legacy systems to prepare consolidated deductible accumulations, patient responsibility and benefits, significantly reducing provider membership inquiry calls.

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