VietNamNet – June has proved to be the peak month of tourism in the year. Many travel agents or companies who provide services for the industry have introduced promotion programs.

On June 9 the Lion restaurant celebrated its 4th birthday anniversary. All customers that visited the restaurant on that day were given free the first beer for gentlemen and juice for ladies.

Matches before midnight will be broadcast live on the big screen. Aperitifs will be free of charge. Beer vouchers at the price of VND450,000 for 30 glasses of beer are available with discounts of around 30%.

Each time the German team wins, customers will enjoy a free beer on the next day from 5pm – 7pm.Children at the restaurant with their parents will be given plastic balls as gifts.

The program is expected to see an increase in the number of customers for Lion, the restaurant has prepared to diverse menu of dishes as a list of nearly 100 new Chinese dishes has been introduced.

To heat up the World Cup atmosphere, the restaurant has been decorated with banners, posters and a big inflatable soccer ball has been put up in front of the restaurant.

With more than 14 different services such as tennis, golf, aerobics, swimming, kayaking, baby sitting and so on, to provide to clients for free the resort hopes to satisfy its clients.

Customers will enjoy discounts from 30 – 40% of room prices, buffet breakfast, pick up and delivery to the airport without charge if customers are in large groups. If customers come in smaller group of two or three people then they will be charged with 5% of service fee and 10% of VAT tax.

There will also be buses and cars for rent. A 29 seat van can be leased for VND550,000 per half day. A 28 seat van for VND450,000 per half a day. A 15 seat van for VND400,000 per half a day and a four seats car costs VND350,000 for half a day.

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