Well that's another week in the wonderful world of sport. The England rugby team played poorly against the Aussies, the footballers got the result if not the performance they wanted. The cricketers missed out on the 20:20 against Sri Lanka. Ah, the order of things has been restored!

This week I would like to have seen Barkley moved to centre at the expense ofMike Catt. Great servant that he has been to England, what is the point ofplaying Catt? All this rubbish of him being an elder statesman to help theyounger players is driving me nuts, he's taking up a place which would benefit aplayer who could be playing in next year's World Cup.

If one takes the inclusion of Catt philosophy a stage further and introduceit to other sports where we are struggling we could see the likes of NigelMansell being shoe-horned in to the cockpit of Jenson Button's car alongside theperennial loser from Frome. Geoff Boycott could stroll out to the middle of thepitch with Marcus Trescothick to whisper technical tips in his ear every time hefails to move his feet. Colin Montgomerie would do well to discard a club fromhis bag to allow Nick Faldo to squeeze in and explain what it takes to win fivemajors let alone one. I'm confident that had the ashes of dear old Fred Perrybeen placed on the baseline of Wimbledon during Tim Henman's matches he wouldhave won the Championship by now!

It's rubbish, total rubbish and Andy Robinson knows this. He took Catt as aform of insurance but his inclusion was as much nonsense as Sven taking TheoWalcott to Germany. Surely everything Robbo and his cohorts are doing isbuilding towards the World Cup, and if that means losing to Australia with agroup of "nearly men", but at least "nearly men" who are incontention for World Cup places then so be it.

Of course I could have this all wrong and Robbo could be planning to haveCatt as the first name on his team sheet come the time to announce the World Cupsquad.

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