The FA's low insurance value of Wayne Rooney is understood to have been one of the major issues in the nuclear row with Manchester United over the player's World Cup fitness.

United officials made a close examination of England's insurance details for the World Cup squad as the club versus country differences over Rooney's return to action intensified.

United were concerned that the FA's policy, obtained through brokers SBJ, limited pay-out on any player to £20million whereas Old Trafford's valuation of their star player Rooney is now possibly three times that figure considering he was signed from Everton for £27m and is under contract at United until June 2010.

There was also the added complication of Rooney joining up with the World Cup party carrying a club football injury, which would make securing international football insurance for his damaged right foot extremely difficult.

England coach Sven Goran Eriksson will have Rooney in his starting line-up against Sweden tomorrow and any injury to him will have United on a war footing again.

The Rooney saga has also hardended opinion within the G14 pressure group of top European clubs that at least some of the profit from international football should filter back to the clubs.

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