I see that the Christina School District is planning on salary and benefit cuts to make up its shortfall. As always, this will fall mainly on the people who do all of the work -- the teachers and staff.

The superintendent should lead by example and show us that the top-heavy administration, including herself, is willing to take substantial pay and benefit cuts as well. Put your money where your mouth is.

I support the concept in House Bill 504 of recalling elected officials. The target of this bill is school board members. I urge the Legislature to pass the bill. I leave it to school district voters to decide if they should take recall action.

There will be precedent to expand the concept beyond school boards. Supporters of the bill refer to the need to have more accountability by elected officials. I heartily agree. Consider all the financial and ethical problems in state and county government that have made news. If school board members deserve to be subject to recall, why not elected officials whose actions have even wider impact.

I am sick and tired of reading about Capt. Barbara Conley and how she feels she was humiliated. What did she think she was getting into when she joined the Delaware State Police, which is male dominated?

I feel that being a trooper is not a woman's job, although I have known a few who can hold their own and did a great job at it. But if you are going to put yourself in a male-dominated field, then you have to suck it up and deal with what's dealt you.

In response to a letter printed June 15, I am sorry the writer has been unable to keep up with the changing job market over the last 60 years. He is right that not many people had to speak Spanish to defend their country in World War II. We don't have to speak Spanish to pay taxes or vote. These are privileges and civic duties associated with being a U.S. citizen.

It is also true that one does not need a college degree to vote, defend the country or pay taxes. The U.S. government lets everyone do those things regardless of his or her level of education.

However, having an master's or bachelor's degree sure does put you ahead of the game when it comes to job searching, as does speaking another language -- especially if that language is becoming increasingly necessary in every facet of the work force.

English is not the official national language. Employers have every right to look for skilled, educated and intelligent candidates who are equipped to handle the citizens who speak a language other than English at home (nearly one out of every five, according to the 2000 Census report).

I read about state Rep. Deborah Hudson's fight to get equal funding for charter schools through House Bill 422. I live in the Christina School District. I know this state well and have witnessed the population explosion in New Castle County over the last 20 years. There are serious problems with our school system, much of it directly related to overcrowding, especially at the high school level.

There are also many good things that give me hope for the future. One bright spot has been the success of the charter schools. They give students an opportunity to attend a school aligned with particular interests or goals. Another benefit is that they lessen the burden on the other public schools by helping to reduce enrollment.

New Castle County has one of the highest per capita enrollments in private schools in the nation. If every one of those students decided to attend public school in September, our public school system would collapse.

Recently Common Cause of Delaware requested that members of the Joint Finance Committee deny the Delaware Safety Council's request for grant-in-aid funds. This was based on the fact that the council repeatedly violated Department of Insurance Regulation 607. Common Cause believes that if a private business violates insurance laws, there is no legitimate reason to provide taxpayer money to that organization.

A second concern has now surfaced. Approximately three years ago, allegations were brought forth concerning intentional false grant-in-aid applications submitted by the Safety Council for close to a decade. It was determined by the Auditor of Accounts Office that the Safety Council was submitting grant applications in which several hundred thousand dollars of income were inaccurately identified.

Incredibly, Auditor Tom Wagner's office permitted the Safety Council to blame this inaccuracy on a financial assistant who wasn't doing her job properly. Common Cause is unwilling to accept such a nonsensical answer to a serious allegation.

A third concern has come to light. It seems there are serious questions about the relationship between the Delaware Safety Council's 990 IRS forms, audits and grant-in-aid applications.

While Common Cause still believes that no taxpayer money should be provided the council, at a minimum no money should be provided until an independent audit is accomplished.

Not only faith communities define marriage as between one man and one woman, but the majority of Americans do as well. The view that faith communities that denounce same-sex marriage "discriminate against love" reflects the narrowest of views. To suggest that the Taliban's definition of women's rights is in any way analogous is ludicrous.

It was appalling to read the article on June 4 that posting our salaries, with the headline that Christina School District's salaries rank highest in the state.

An e-mail I received from my district office stated that The News Journal received that information as a result of the Freedom of Information Act. With that understood, what about privacy? I felt violated that my personal information was shared with the world.

It seems that everyone is pulling at straws trying to find answers to the district's deficit. Let the government deal with that. Why point to employees who have no control over financial matters? I just work here.

Moreover, if you are going to post such information, then you should have posted data for everyone in the state so that the public can come to its own conclusions.

The lack of insight regarding charter schools on the opinion page June 3 was disappointing. It has been only 10 years since the first charter school opened. The satisfaction and growth have been phenomenal. The successes are substantial enough for legislators to make a commitment to charter school children.

Comparing the millions upon millions appropriated for traditional schools, which have experienced successes and failures, to only 10 years of minuscule appropriations to charter schools, we can only conclude determination on the part of teachers, parents, administrators and school boards made it happen. This hard work should have earned rewards.

I was enraged by the the comments attributed to U.S. Rep. Mike Castle in the June 8 article "Workers rally for health care reform." If Castle does not want "the healthy to be paying for the sick," does that mean he wants the sick to be paying for the sick? If they are sick, how are they supposed to be paying?

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