Little did he know then that trees would crash down on his 2-year-old mobile home at the Brewster Estates Mobile Home Park. One tree split the trailer in half. A bathroom was crushed.

Thomas and his family were packing up some belongings Friday and looking for a place to stay. They're hoping insurance will cover the cost of another mobile home.

By most accounts, the western side of Brewster was struck the hardest. Uprooted 100-year-old oak trees were a common sight there, as were tree service companies, backhoes and chain saws.

Brewster's W. Fourth Street neighborhood received massive tree loss. At least five houses, two garages and one car were damaged or destroyed by downed trees.

Louise Morris, 96, saw two trees she planted four decades earlier come down on top of her W. Fourth Street home. She was struggling to shut a window when the tornado struck.

Barbara Seward and Jane Potschner are next-door neighbors who each live in Tudor-style houses built by Albert Gretzinger in the 1920s. Now, both share the same 80-year-old oak tree in Navarre.

Seward said she and her husband were five minutes away from starting a road trip to Cincinnati when the storm hit. Her daughter called and warned them about a possible tornado. They ran downstairs into the basement to wait it out.

I was out on Elton Street when the storm first hit and I was trying to respond to the station and Canal Street, High Street, Park Street, Basin Street and Route 21 had a tree down. I had to go all the way across town to get to the fire station. We had trees down on every single road, Savage said.

Brad Wolfe, an employee of Michael's Tree Service, said there was no shortage of business calls. At one point, they received 37 calls for tree chopping services in a two-hour period. A normal work week averages five calls total.

Gene Post, who heads a statewide mutual aid team for electrical problems, said municipal crews from Beach City, Westerville, Cuyahoga Falls, Wadsworth, Lodi and Hudson have been working to help restore power lines in Brewster, since 7 p.m. Thursday.

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