Asking Furcal to switch to third base now would be a difficult adjustment. Izturis went into his rehabilitation knowing he would be playing third.

So shortstop is taken. Let's see, where else could Izturis play? Second base? Slugger Jeff Kent has a hold on that position. Maybe they could move Kent to first and Izturis to second. In recent years that would have been a fine idea, but the NL's top hitter, Nomar Garciaparra, happens to play at first for the Dodgers. And he could play second, shortstop or third as well.

If the Dodgers were short in the outfield, maybe Izturis could work out there, but the Dodgers have a surplus of outfielders. They're actually going to have to make a decision on what to do with one of them.

And the problem will worsen if Bill Mueller, a fine defensive third baseman and solid hitter, is able to return. However, Mueller's season and career are in jeopardy. And don't forget about Willy Aybar, who was sent back down to the minors after a fairly successful stint at third base.

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