Alberta MLA Dr. Lyle Oberg vowed Albertans' income taxes would drop 1% for every $10 billion that goes into the Alberta Heritage Savings Plan if he becomes premier.

"For every $10 billion that goes into the Heritage Savings and Trust Fund, I would drop the income tax rate by 1%," said Oberg yesterday during a Calgary Sun editorial board meeting.

Oberg added all of the funds and foundations within the Heritage Fund make setting priorities difficult. There should be one fund -- the Heritage Fund -- and politicians should "have the fortitude" to decide how the interest is spent.

Oberg, the former infrastructure minister forced out of the Tory caucus for six months for saying he would not support Premier Ralph Klein at the party's March annual general meeting, also promises to end Alberta's health-care premiums and is working on policy that would offer breaks to first-time home buyers.

He also promised to stop collecting education dollars as part of municipal property tax bill, allowing municipalities to use the vacated tax room to spend on needed infrastructure.

Oberg also unveiled a five-point plan to fix Alberta's ailing but ever more expensive health care system, including offering a wait-time guarantee for medically necessary procedures.

Should one health region be unable to deliver the service within the guaranteed time, the health-care dollars would follow the patient to another Alberta jurisdiction that can.

Oberg is also in favour of allowing physicians to work both inside the publicly funded system and outside of it. He says he would mandate all physicians must work at least 75% of the time within the public system.

Oberg says last June's Supreme Court decision, while only binding in Quebec, ruled it was unconstitutional for the Quebec government to prevent patients from getting private insurance for private medical services.

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