Joe Eckert, an Allstate insurance agent with offices in Chadds Ford, received "probably about half a dozen calls" from area residents on Wednesday asking about coverage availability and what is covered.

"(Flood insurance) is a good thing to get because when it happens, it’s such a surprise," Eckert said. "A place like Downingtown, for example, has never seen water levels like this."

Flood damage is not covered by homeowners’ insurance. It must be purchased separately from individual insurance agents, who sell flood insurance through the federal government’s National Flood Insurance Program, or NFIP.

A standard flood policy covers structural damage, furnace, water heater and air conditioner repair, flood debris cleanup and floor surfaces such as carpeting and tile.

Robin Gorneau, a senior communications specialist for Allstate Insurance, thinks flood insurance is a smart investment for homeowners in Chester County.

"Even if you’re not in a flood plain, it’s still a good investment because it’s so reasonably priced and weather is always so unpredictable," Gorneau said. "You want it for exactly the same reason you want homeowners’ insurance: the potential of peril."

The average premium is approximately $400 per year depending on the location and the coverage that’s chosen. In Chester County, located in a low-to-moderate risk area, coverage can be purchased, in some cases, for just over $100 a year.

"If somebody has a really beautiful, just-finished basement, then you might want to purchase it," said Nancy Ellis, a State Farm insurance agent with offices in West Chester. "If you live up on a hill, then you might not. It really depends."

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