Darryl Waterford, chief executive of Base 4 Aviation, said while Petrie was to be discharged from Milpark Hospital on Monday afternoon, Gould was to remain in intensive care for a few more days.

Ian Cornish, regional general manager of SOS Air Rescue Services in Johannesburg, said Gould and Petrie were both airlifted to Milpark Hospital around midnight on Friday.

"We dealt with the two patients as one of them was covered by Discovery and the other was a private patient with a guarantee of payment. (Watson's) scheme was handled by Netcare 911, so he was dealt with separately by them," said Cornish.

Netcare 911 head of operations, Ryan Noach, said Watson was on the Nimas medical aid, which does not have cross- border coverage. Netcare 911 is contracted to look after Nimas members in SA only, he said.

Netcare 911 spokesperson Martina Nicholson said Noach was a personal friend of Watson, and the company's effort to fetch him in Mozambique, without having payment sorted out, was an act of goodwill towards the pilot and his family.

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