Inyo County Sheriff's Department investigator Marston Mottweiler said officials received three tips Sunday, including one from a person who reported seeing Fox in the Independence area the night of June 24 - several hours later than the last known sighting of her.

Until this weekend, the last person known to have seen her was a traveler who gave her water at 3 p.m. that day in the rugged Mazourka Canyon area. She was on foot after her car broke down east of the Sierra Nevada range.

Fox, the mother of a 5-year-old son, was traveling alone in the area. Her family said they didn't know that she had gone there and described it as unusual for her to do something like that.

The weather was hot that day, prompting speculation that Fox might have been dehydrated and disoriented. But the person who reported seeing her that night described her as "moving well," Mottweiler said.

Inyo County authorities searched unsuccessfully for Fox and concluded that she had left the area under unknown circumstances. The latest tips do not contain enough information for authorities to resume searching in Inyo County, officials said.

Meanwhile, her friends and relatives said they would put up fliers in the Independence area and Simi Valley in hopes of finding more information.

Blakely said Fox quit her job of seven years to take courses at Pierce College in Woodland Hills. Fox recently graduated from Pierce and planned to attend California State University, Northridge, to become a teacher.

When Fox isn't working or at school, Blakely said her interests include shopping, going to the gym, being with her son and playing with her dog, a Great Dane, Duke.

Relatives and friends said they noticed that Fox was conflicted in the past year. They said she and her husband, Brian Fox of Simi Valley, are divorcing.

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