Ideas for replacement came from two workshops in May at which residents, including members of the club, said they wanted to see a two-story, Key West-style building.

"Everyone agreed it doesn't have to go back where it was, and maybe it's better if it was situated somewhere else," he said. "We discussed the best view, we discussed noise ..."

But the yacht club and other organizations that used the old building will probably have to wait at least a year for construction to begin on a new one. The cost of replacement - which could run more than $3 million - is not included in the county's 2006-07 budget, which the commission is scheduled to review this week. It also is not included in the county's five-year plan.

The county has received about $273,000 from insurance proceeds, but the yacht club, which held the primary policy on the building, hasn't settled with its insurance carrier. The county still hasn't identified where the rest of the money will come from.

While the building's future is uncertain, work is under way on long-awaited upgrades at River Park Marina, a small enclave of county land near Prima Vista Boulevard and the North Fork of the St. Lucie River.

Don McLam, county Central Services assistant director, said new bathrooms are completed and about to open, new termination platforms have been placed at the end of two trails, and the county is waiting for four pavilions on order.

The county also received bids for fishing and boating piers last week and is reviewing them. There also will be a floating dock installed where the southern dock currently sits and sand placed in the area so kayaks and canoes can be safely launched and retrieved.

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