Graham, 37, is still in shock. "I can't explain it," she said. "There's no other way except that they don't care. It's just a little old Black lady in Mesa. So what? That's how I feel, like I'm gum on somebody's shoes."

Graham, fianc Larry Warner, and her 16-year-old son, Brandon, were headed home just before 7 p.m. on Dec. 10, 2004. Graham was driving west on University when suddenly Warner tells her, "I love you." To this day, she wonders if he somehow knew what was to come.

She was waiting behind another car to turn left onto Gilbert. The light turned and the car in front of her turned and as she followed, she saw the van coming through the intersection. "I knew he was going to hit us," she said. "I thought if I could speed up, at worst he would clip the back of the car. But that's not what happened."

Warner, 37, was killed instantly, just five days before they were to be married. Brandon had multiple injuries, including a torn aorta and a collapsed lung. Cherise now copes with arthritis and back problems.

Mesa police said the 22-year-old appeared impaired and admitted being a meth addict. Tests showed trace amounts of methamphetamine, amphetamine and marijuana metabolite in his system.

Police concluded the van driver was at fault and recommended that he be charged with manslaughter. In March, prosecutors broke the news that has broken Graham's heart. There will be no charges.

Graham sent prosecutors a four-page letter asking why. Why not at least let a grand jury decide whether charges are appropriate? She never got an answer.

Spokesman Bill FitzGerald told me it would be tough to prove the van driver caused the crash, which is odd when you consider what all those witnesses said. In addition, he said, there weren't enough drugs in his system to show impairment.

"The law requires that we prove criminal negligence which may include excessive speed or an amount of drugs or alcohol large enough to affect the suspect's ability to control the vehicle," he said.

Prosecutors say they've explained it to Graham. Maybe they could try again. Somehow, in the haze of pain and financial devastation, she's not grasping the essential concepts of justice here.

That a guy can lay waste to her life and not get so much as a traffic ticket. That he can use drugs while on probation (for stealing a car) and face no repercussions.

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