Initiative 151 would raise the hourly minimum wage from $5.15 to $6.15 an hour starting in 2007, and would include future cost-of-living increases.

As an initiative that changes state law, I-151 needed at least 22,308 signatures in 34 legislative representative districts. The secretary of state certified 22,527 signatures in 43 legislative districts. The only other measure to so far be certified for the November ballot is a measure to change the name of the state auditor to insurance commissioner, which was approved for the ballot by the 2005 legislature.

Constitutional Initiative 97, which would change the Montana Constitution to place a cap on state spending. Constitutional Initiative 98, which would make it easier for Montanans to recall judges. Initiative 153, which is backed by the governor and would make elected officials and others in state government wait two years after leaving office before becoming lobbyists. Initiative 154, which would make it harder for government to use eminent domain power, and would require compensation to property owners adversely affected by government rules or regulations.

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