VoIP is sweeping the planet. For those who do not know it yet, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a method whereby users anywhere in the world can call anyone else over the Internet for almost nothing. Two independent providers of VoIP, Vonage and Skype, are marketing their services in fundamentally different ways. It is a very interesting story.

Mercury Interactive Corporation, business technology optimization (BTO) software provider, announced that Phoenix Insurance, one of the leading insurance companies in Israel, uses Mercury Business Availability Center to manage the business-critical applications and processes that support its network of more than 3,000 insurance agents. Mercury Business Availability Center is a strategic part of Mercury BTO Enterprise, the industry’s first integrated suite of BTO offerings designed to help customers optimize the business outcomes of IT.

Phoenix Insurance is one of Israel's leading insurance groups, providing general, life, health and nursing insurance services. It employs 1,400 people and has a network of approximately 3,000 freelance insurance agents who service their customers throughout Israel. Phoenix Insurance handles approximately 70 percent of the company’s business processes electronically, and has developed a special portal for its agents to use for policy proposals and claims processing.

Phoenix Insurance uses Mercury Business Availability Center to monitor more than 80 key business transactions supporting processes ranging from quote generation to processing claims to premium renewals. Mercury Business Availability Center helps make sure that these processes are always available and performing to meet the needs of the thousands of agents who depend on them. Phoenix Insurance also leverages the advanced problem resolution capabilities of Mercury Business Availability Center to help proactively detect and resolve problems before they impact an agent’s abilities to generate new business or service customers.

"At Phoenix Insurance, our goal is to use technology to help us process claims faster to give us a competitive advantage and help us increase our market share," said Yaki Cohen, director of infrastructure for Phoenix Insurance. "With Mercury Business Availability Center, we are able to proactively address issues before they affect our entire network of insurance agents who rely on our portal to service our customers."

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