Furthermore, registered dietitians are not reimbursed for a diagnosis of strictly "obesity." Insurance reimbursement for the registered dietitian comes for very few diseases, if at all. Of course, almost all of the chronic diseases in the Western world are obesity-related: diabetes, high blood pressure (and thus stroke), heart disease, most gastrointestinal problems, many cancers and osteoarthritis. Most doctor visits are thus obesity-related, with nary a word about weight causing lifelong disease.

This will all take public will, some thoughtful legislation and money. But it will be infinitely cheaper to do these things now than to suffer the consequences of no action.

Remember, 33 percent of white kids, and 50 percent of Hispanic kids born in 2000 will get diabetes - the supreme disease of obesity and lack of muscle mass.

I had several cell phones that were still usable. I was ready to take them back to the store where I purchased them when I came across a place that recycles them and gives them to our soldiers. It was started by a young sister and brother.

Why is the ocean warmer? A scientific consensus agrees that the general warming of global lands and oceans is caused by the sun's heat being absorbed by dark areas previously reflective with ice, and heat being trapped in an atmosphere thickening with carbon dioxide and methane.

Why is the atmosphere thickening? Well, today, 6.5 billion humans are clearing our forests for farms, paving our farms for cities, and burning fossil fuels to move, manufacture and synthesize.

And if humans didn't have an impact on the planet, there would still be billions of passenger pigeons, there would still be close to 100 million buffalo, and North America's eastern seaboard and great river valleys would still be covered in primeval forests.

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