The ARC - which helps more than 200 disabled residents with job training, housing and other necessities - sued Pacific Roofing Corp. on Friday in Martin County to recover damages from a November 2004 fire the roofing company caused while putting hot tar on a new roof.

When the fire occurred, the home was about a week away from welcoming back its evacuated residents after the home had been gutted and restored after the hurricanes. The house received new paint, floors and furniture, according to Keith Muniz, the ARC's chief executive officer.

According to the lawsuit, the company "breached its duty of due care and misrepresented its capability" when the house caught fire, destroying the building's fire escape.

A fire marshal said the fire was caused by a kettle containing hot tar that was placed too close to the building, Muniz said. The tar ignited, and fire made its way down the walls of the house.

Muniz said the roofing company's insurance company has been dragging its feet in reimbursing the agency for the deductible on the ARC's own insurance policy and for lost revenue caused by the fire, which is why they decided to pursue the matter in court.

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