I think the term BPO is a loose word involving voice and non-voice activities such as credit card queries, bill payment, etc. Actually, the market is developing the ability to get different projects offshore. Now, clients are looking at intelligent stories from the BPO industry. In fact, 10 years ago, Indian BPO companies had to give an explanation regarding their services but the trend has changed now.

We have the intellect, wherewithal, robustness and the environment in the way it is coming. It's no longer dollar-cents story instead there is lot of high-end service provided through well-structured, methodologies, tools and techniques. Clients are reinvesting and have accepted process excellence as the domain expertise of our BPO industry.

The future is more exciting as more specialised and niche segments will be developed. The move to go forward and the ability to invest in future are those that will succeed. We are no longer discussing with vendors but are, in fact, partnering to cut down cost and increase productivity. The days of quantifying a company's growth only in terms of headcount is gone. It's all about people, investment and return on people. There is no guarantee for a single location and, moreover, newer locations will benefit mutually and organisations will take 5-10 years to look at new locations in a dynamic environment. Multiple strategies for corporates will go a long and perhaps a balance is created with multi-country platforms.

Animation is one important area where we want to expand by providing visualisation for scientific, engineering architecture and medical applications. However, we are not into movie making but offer services as a corporate package. The approach is to put a structure in the animation industry which is more a loosely knit. We have gained a lot of traction in this vertical.

Animation is a project-driven business and is dependent on moods, weather. It's rather a funny business having lot of challenges. However, there is a professional force with a good combination of arts and science and not a mechanical force. At Nipuna, we are optimistic about this business as we have understood about this space. And to fuel this, there will be mergers or acquisitions with niche players across the industry.

The next core services come from artwork services for the pharmaceutical companies. Perhaps, we are the first company to work for the pharma major GSK for pack management services. As part of today's digital industry, the artist typically works with front end design software to bring forth his work onto a manageable platform from where the end deliverable, which could be a print file, a web graphic or even a visual on a mobile, can be processed. This process where the content is created or modified based on a certain requirements and then validated using stringent quality measures, is defined as the Artwork process. The artwork process is not just restricted to creative fields like animation and advertising but also industries like pharmaceutical and medical industry, engineering industries, manufacturing industries and more.

Nipuna, having had prior experience with one of the largest pharmaceutical company, is already well-versed with the artwork field. For every artwork done, a high degree of stringency in terms of a methodical structure being followed throughout, right up to the end deliverable is required to ensure a 100% error free result.

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