Speaking during the public drivers workshop held at the University of Swaziland last week, Malo Mthande, the assistant General Manager stated that government should establish a drivers skills testing centre whereby all drivers would be tested before they are allowed to venture onto the country's public roads.

Public drivers should be united to avoid more accidents. Over the past few months innocent lives were lost just because of accidents. I would like to appeal to the government that establishes a testing centre to determine drivers' skills before they are allowed to drive on our public roads, said Malo. He further encouraged transport public drivers that they should make sure the public arrive alive and safe where ever they are going.

Also present at the workshop was Minister of Public Works and Transport Elijah Shongwe who stated that road accidents in Swaziland had decreased to 23 percent.

He, however, said this did not mean drivers should sit back and relax thinking that they should drive anyhow but instead should make sure the public is safe.

Shongwe added that drivers should not take advantage of the fact that they travel around the country and meet different women almost everyday as this may spread the HIV and AIDS virus. He encouraged them to stick to one partner.

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