Shark attack victim Juliette Shipp, 9, gets a little assistance from her mother Leslie Shipp walking back to their car at Kimberly Bergalis Memorial Park beach access on June 30 in Fort Pierce. Juliette was bitten on her right calf while in the surf off the beach at Ocean Village on Hutchinson Island on June 27. Story Tools Email this story Print Everywhere that Juliette Shipp goes now, the questions inevitably follow.

It's been a month since the 9-year-old Pennsylvania girl was bitten while playing in the surf on Hutchinson Island, the only such attack on the Treasure Coast so far this summer.

Juliette, her mother and brother were visiting her grandmother, who lives at Ocean Village, when the attack occurred. As her mother floated on a raft nearby, Juliette felt three bites, screamed in pain and watched a gray shape swim away, which doctors said likely was a 5- to 6-foot shark.

Several weeks later, her stitches have been removed, but there still are some open wounds on her lower leg that require fresh bandages and antibiotics on a daily basis. The top half of her leg is healed, though the railroad track scars that mark it are hard to hide, Shipp said.

Besides the physical scars, which are a source of embarrassment for the young girl, she also has mental scars in the form of nightmares about what happened.

Cheerleading camp starts on Aug. 6 and for a girl who used to be a "flyer" - the one tossed in the air by her teammates - it will be tough to stand on the sidelines.

On her first day back at a Boys and Girls Club summer camp, she stood in front of the full assembly of counselors and kids and told her story. The other children asked questions and saved Juliette the trouble of telling her story over and over again.

While they can talk about it briefly in checkout lines and restaurants, when Shipp and her daughter go into the details at length, it's a bit hard reliving the whole day again, she said. Knowing how rare shark attacks are makes the whole event even more mysterious.

An account has been set up by Leslie Shipp in trust for Juliette Shipp at Riverside Bank, 1600 South Federal Highway, Fort Pierce, FL 34950. For more information, contact Riverside at (772) 464-4900. Shipp, who said she has limited insurance, plans to use the money to pay for medical expenses and potential future plastic surgery to help cover scars on Juliette's leg.

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