Now, his family and employees are working to keep the business operating following a Wednesday traffic crash that injured Mounts, 20, and his younger cousin, Doug Mounts Jr., 18, and left a 44-year-old man dead.

"He just started it a week ago and he was just getting off the ground," Deborah Mounts, 39, said Friday of her son's business. "He's worked since he was 14. It just breaks my heart."

Faustino Merone, first vice president of the Mako Soccer Club, was driving a minivan east on Southwest Swan Avenue and reportedly failed to stop at a stop sign at Southwest Biltmore Street, police said.

Doug Mounts Jr., and his cousin were southbound in a Ford Mustang on Southwest Biltmore Street on their way to work and struck Merone's minivan. Doug Mounts Jr. was driving.

Deborah Mounts said Travis, who doesn't have medical insurance, has a broken jaw, a dislocated shoulder with a small fracture and soft tissue damage to his hip.

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