Coffee makes his living as a barrel man the guy in the rodeo arena dressed like a clown cracking jokes and sometimes bones. Some cowboys owe him some money, most owe him their lives. When a particularly cranky bull wheels around and wants to stomp a cowboy, it's Coffee who draws the bull's attention away from the cowboy and to the barrel where he's standing.

If he does his job, the cowboy lives to get paid off with round of applause from the crowd, possibly a round of drinks from the other cowboys and maybe a check for a winning ride.

That's the way life is when you're in the barrel and not at the top of the food chain. Coffee loves it because you're never sure when the chain will break.

He started his career as a barrel man, stopped for a while to be a bullfighter the cowboys who ride bulls, not the Spanish variety. His knees couldn't take the pounding any more and came back to the barrel.

It's been, as he says, a life of ups and downs. When a bull launches a barrel and he's in it, ups and downs are the two directions he's certain to go.

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