GuideOne Insurance, a US based insurer of churches and faith-based institutions, has centralised corporate sales and external agency management using Sage CRM SalesLogix.

The company has 17 regional sales directors who each manage over 100 independent insurance agencies. Previously, the company incurred extra expenses for mail campaign, record keeping and manual reporting tasks that were often required of sales directors.

Sage CRM SalesLogix now serves as the company's central database providing timely and accurate corporate sales information while automating the majority of business administration functions. GuideOne currently has 50 Sage CRM SalesLogix users using the solution both on-premises and remotely via the Web and wireless devices.

"We wanted to minimise administrative overhead by empowering our sales directors with the tools and data necessary to manage and support their territories, no matter where they needed to work from," explained Justin Smalley, senior business systems analyst for GuideOne Insurance.

GuideOne also uses Sage CRM SalesLogix as a partner management tool to monitor activities of the various agencies and individual agents who sell its insurance products, as well as track interactions with prospective agents. Sage CRM SalesLogix provides the sales directors with a comprehensive view of all agent conversations, meetings, sales projections and open sales opportunities.

The new system was implemented by Doextra Corporation, a Sage CRM Solutions business partner. Doextra designed several customisations within Sage CRM SalesLogix including a calculation tool that sales directors use on their laptop computers when meeting with agents to project sales numbers and graph sales volume. Another custom tab monitors each agency's computer configurations and Internet connection speeds to determine which GuideOne online tools each agency can use.

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