This is how Jesus is portrayed in a framed picture at The Christian Hangout, a place where people of faith seek fun and fellowship without the fuss of typical night life.

"The Christian Hangout is a clean place to hang out," said Kirk, 21, a musician, after he finished drumming directly below the picture of Jesus. "It keeps me away from all the junk in the world."

Folks have been drawn to fellowship with those feeling and those wanting to believe in Jesus since Sept. 3 when Thomas "T." Moody and Jill Moody, husband and wife, opened this nonalcoholic haven. With help from different hands and consistent prayer, the Moodys have created an atmosphere that is friendly, focused on faith, full of fun and welcomes people of all faiths.

"We hope this place can be a beacon of light in a dark world," said T. Moody, 35, a musician who books bands that play at The Christian Hangout. "We want people to be able to come here and relax."

Local pastors who support the ministry, along with a variety of businesses and individuals, believe The Christian Hangout can draw people who do not traditionally attend houses of worship.

"One of the things The Christian Hangout does is that it breaks down a lot of walls," said Pastor Dick Button of Beach Family Worship Center in Myrtle Beach, where the Moodys worship. "It's not inside a church and people see it as a nonoffensive atmosphere where they can go, get away from the drugs and alcohol, and still enjoy."

Jill Moody wanted it that way. Before surrendering her life to Jesus, she loved pool and music. After deciding to walk with Jesus, she still loved pool and music. And there was nowhere she could find that allowed her to enjoy hobbies that suited a cleaned-up lifestyle.

"We are new at this," said Jill Moody, a 39-year-old real estate investor. "A lot of us were delivered out of drugs, alcohol and the party scene."

"If you said 'Jesus' to me, I would soon have slapped you," Moody said. "I dabbled in witchcraft. Most agnostics do without even knowing it. As a kid, I would do spells and stuff like that."

The night life environment is designed for adults, although children occasionally come with their parents and attend events such as barbecues and youth night.

When people come through the door, she greets them with cheery salutations, hugs, gives them a get-to-know-you form and then shows them around the house.

An exercise room, a spacious living room, a meeting room, a game area and a kitchen, where snacks such as pizza are sold, are among the house's features.

"Here, there is no pressure," said Craig Denton, 41, an insurance agent, after whipping Kirk in a game of pool. "There are no drugs. There is no smoking. For me, it's an escape from the world with my best friends on Earth. I've got to spend eternity with them anyway."

"Thursday is our day to hang out," said Stafford, a 44-year-old painter, as he sat at table across from Christy, who was eating ice cream. "This is a place where you can meet people and enjoy their company. I can socialize with other Christians without the nasty language you can hear in bars. There aren't people in bars that I want to be around much."

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