Her first job after college was as an editorial assistant for the Young Living Department of Seventeen magazine, where she assisted in writing the monthly column "Dear Abby," answering letters from teens signing her letters "Abigail Wood."

Other jobs "pre-children" included writing and editing for trade magazines in the food industry and as editor for a large food industry trade association.

The latter afforded her a chance to travel to meetings, conferences and conventions all over the country as well as to Canada and Mexico. Invariably, she would be the only female among hundreds of males (this was over 40 years ago) and was always mistaken for a stenographer, whereas she wrote all the reams of material the association produced.

After marriage to John, she continued writing for church newsletters and did publicity for school functions as well as a six-year writing involvement with a non-profit agency who did volunteer public relations work for community and health related small businesses who could not afford their own public relations department.

Although the McCanns have owned a condo here on Marco for 16 years, it was only five years ago that they moved here to live year round. June is a board member and publicity chair of the San Marco Council of Catholic Women (CCW) and very busy with the AAUW's Membership Committee, the Dinner Group, the Book Club and the Creative Writers Group. She also facilitates a book club she founded at her condo four years ago.

The AAUW Creative Writers Group is a very impressive association of writers who invariably win many prizes in the Florida State Creative Writers Contest each March.

June's "Possibilities" story was submitted in the children's short story category though she labeled it as a story for "youth," young teenagers who she thought might enjoy a look back to the exciting days of the candidacy of a young John F. Kennedy. She hardly expected it to win any prizes, but it did, taking second place in short stories for children.

That Tuesday had started with a train ride into the city. Actually, she had always felt a hopeful little thrill whenever her Mom had dropped her off for the train to New York.

Her fluttering stomach told her that she must confront the challenge she had set for herself: To meet - and most importantly - to be noticed by John F. Kennedy, the Democratic candidate for President of the United States.

Her Dad's partner at the insurance office had a friend who was the concierge at the Hotel Pierre and he had suggested Janie might want to be at the VIP lobby entrance at one o'clock if she wished to see the handsome young senator up close.

Of course, when Janie heard those magic words "up close," her mind whirled with possibilities. After all, a person had a right to spend her birthday in any way she wished - and this was a specially "sweet" birthday!

Ever since she had joined the Young Democrats Club at school, she just knew that what she would do in the future would be something serious, exciting and - most importantly - beneficial to all mankind!

Arriving at Grand Central before noon, Janie walked over to Madison Avenue and began her trek uptown. The city seemed to sparkle in the late May air and the usual midday traffic seemed to be jockeying for more advantageous positions at each traffic light. It seemed the whole city wanted to arrive at the hotel ahead of the appointed time for the senator's arrival. And when Janie did reach the hotel, Mr. Sam the concierge was there to show her just where to stand for the best view of the candidate and his entourage.

As the moments ticked by, Janie experienced a tremendous shaking in her knees and an unpleasant lightheadedness blurred her vision. Oh, please dear God, don't let me faint, she prayed.

Just then the doors swung open and as Senator Kennedy reached across the gold-braided rope barrier to shake her hand, Janie simply crumpled to the floor, her legs sliding out and under the rope and the rest of her body following in an ungraceful, shuddering heap.

"It's all right, Janie. Don't try to get up just yet," Mr. Sam cautioned. "You'll be just fine when we get some lunch into you. Come inside and I'll call your Dad's partner and he'll get your father over here to take you home."

"No! No!" Janie cried, "I don't want ANYONE to know what a dopey, dumb person I am! I will go and get something to eat and drink and then I'll be fine. Please! Don't call anybody!"

Reluctantly, Mr. Sam helped Janie inside and made her sit down in the lobby, saying that he had to get back to work and that he hoped she would be feeling better soon. Janie did feel much better after a glass of water and a candy bar out of the vending machine -that is, her legs stopped shaking and her head felt like it was back to its normal place on her body; however, she felt like she wanted to curl up somewhere and just disappear from the face of the earth! Why was she such a nerdy dweeb? Why did she have to blow her big chance to talk to the next President of the United States?

As she walked back downtown, the bouncing hopefulness in the steps of the journey uptown was gone. The train on the way home seemed to be absolutely racing - just when she never wanted the ride to end and did not want to hear a question like "How did it go in New York?"

The next morning, Janie slept late and was awakened only when her Mom entered her room carrying a UPS box. Hesitantly, Janie began opening it. Who would be sending her anything after the dumb thing she did yesterday? Had she lost something and was it being returned to her by Mr. Sam?

Janie's heart began to race as she took the tissue off the 8 by 10 photo frame. In addition to the glossy photo with "John F. Kennedy" scrawled in the lower right hand corner, there was an envelope addressed to her in that same handwriting! The note inside wished her a speedy recovery and a Happy Birthday and urged her to work for what she believed in and to strive to be a leader in the future and do great things for her country.

"I knew it! I knew it!" she screeched. "He did notice me after all! And look at this letter he wrote just to me! He believes like I believe that I truly will be famous and will do great things someday for the whole world!"

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