"The goal is to get the need met within a year," said Susan Horan, the center's director. "The only thing keeping us from serving more people is a lack of space."

The center is staffed by Horan, a full-time secretary and a part-time clerk. Its children's clinic receives volunteer help from six doctors and provides free medical care for more than 1,200 children annually, accounting for 2,000 immunizations.

Without the clinic, immunizations might be unaffordable for Elia Martinez's three grandchildren. The clinic gives shots on Thursday afternoon, often seeing as many as 75 children in two hours.

"Sometimes you wait a couple of hours," said Martinez, who brought her 14-month-old granddaughter on Thursday for a measles, mumps and rubella vaccination. "But it's a very good program, the staff is good and they're bilingual."

"My parents worked, but they couldn't make enough to afford (health) insurance," Hernandez said. "I'm trying to give back to the community for helping me out."

Horan estimates that a freestanding facility, which would include examination and meeting rooms and storage space, will cost more than $1 million but it would be a one-time expense for the donor.

She said the Chandler Unified School District is willing to donate use of the land, and she hopes the center will remain on the campus of San Marcos school, near Frye Road and Arizona Avenue.

Friday's summit, sponsored by the Collaboration for a New Century, a Valley-based organization co-founded by Jerry Colangelo, was called to tackle six areas: affordable child care, youth mentoring, affordable housing, job training, family support and affordable health care options.

"There are issues that keep families from making it to the next level financially, and health care is one of them," said Steve Copobres, executive director of the Collaboration. "We're all about community-based solutions."

The San Marcos center "is a classic example of using the institution of a school to deliver a needed service," he said. "We hope to rally the business community around these agencies, the things that are really working and have already proved their impact."

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