Education, illegal immigration, property taxes, insurance, the abject failure of deregulation in tuition and utilities, and the threat to pensions being bandied about by the current governor will all dictate my vote.

I am voting for Carole Keeton Strayhorn. I love her views on education, increasing teacher pay, the , first-time sexual and violent offenders having possible life sentences, and her ideas for Texans and Hispanic Texans, as well as her stance on illegal aliens.

I want a governor who will step up to the plate and support strict border control, and I support a gay person's right to marry in Texas. I certainly will not be voting for the current governor.

Two issues: immigration and . The handling of these issues will decide my vote, and if no one has the backbone to propose clear, succinct plans addressing each, my voting will become an effort to cleanse our incestuous political system of its incumbents.

My decision will be based on their solutions and commitment to immigration reform, and education reform. And they must be willing to take a polygraph both before and after the election.

As insurance companies continue to delay and contest , what actions would you take to bring them into compliance? Does the process need to be modified?

. The issue driving my vote is the lopsided politicians who continually lean toward the business world at the expense of lower income people. The governor is a George W. Bush puppet.

The media have a self-imposed censorship on the news of who is running for governor. There are more than four running in this race - will we hear from them all, including James Werner, the Libertarian candidate? I doubt it. and treated equally, or will censorship prevail?

How are you going to promote ?What are you going to do to help our public school teachers? How are you going to support fine arts in public schools? How many times have you used your public library card in the last six months?

I would like to see - not one just for the largest campaign donors or the big businesses, but one that will consider all the people of Texas and work for cleaner cities, less crime and definitely cleaning up the air that we breathe. I would want to see our governor stand up for all Texans with sincerity and honesty.

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