State Auditor Thomas Wagner has performed well, but he should concentrate on improving pertinent laws. The recent Christina scandal involving poor expenditure control revealed some weaknesses in Delaware law.

But Mr. Wagner's proposal for standardized school plans is not a new idea. Standardization planning existed in the early 1900's. Mr. Wagner fails to recognize the educational value in planning school construction, if done appropriately before a referendum.

In other states, the process of developing educational specifications has led to community renewal, motivation for increasing the repertoire of skills in existing faculty, innovations in scheduling and innovative programs.

Here we are after a primary and the Republicans were again shut out. The last Republican Delawarean that I can remember elected was Sen. William Roth. Sen. Thomas Carper, a Democrat was chosen over him.

Just because people don't agree with President Bush's policies it doesn't mean that every Republican walks in his image, or believes 100 percent with all his policies. You might be surprise how your two senators voted.

I am beginning to think that Delawareans just pull the Democratic lever without even thinking about other candidates and knowing the platforms of the Republicans running in this state. Senators and governors need to be changed. We have been in a stalemate for a very long time.

Delaware State University Athletic Director Chuck Bell is wrong about why the University of Delaware refuses to play his school in football. The News Journal was wrong for buying into his front page racist charges.

The University of Delaware doesn't owe Delaware State University anything, including games of which DSU has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

When Delaware beats DSU up and down the field, this newspaper will write sympathetic articles about DSU's recruiting disadvantages. DSU should concentrate their efforts towards winning in their own conference and forget about UD.

No one knows how many illegal immigrants are in this country, but we do know that most are not paying taxes, social security, and medical bills when they go to the hospital (that cost is passed on to us the citizens who have insurance). Their cars are not registered; they don't have auto insurance and driver's licenses.

They come into the country illegally then say that we are racists because we want them to enter the legal way as other people from Europe, Asia etc.

How can we trust the administration when not a month goes by without them lying about something, or trying to demonize somebody who speaks out against them on this topic?

This November's election will tell if the legal citizen will get up and vote both the Democrats and Republican's out of office who are in favor of this reform.

A letter writer recently commented "that forcing democracy on foreign countries though military action is "doomed to fail". I'm guessing he's not a history major.

Japan was the most empirialistic, aggressive nation on the earth before WWII, with no history of democracy, and had no sign of ever changing. Through the military efforts of the United States and its allies and our patient guidance afterwards, Japan became one of the most stable democracies we have in the world today. Fascist Europe is non-existent due to the same efforts.

The U.S. has every right, even a duty, to try to spread democracy wherever possible. People need to understand that the Middle East leaders who are not elected are part of an old and evil club. They take part in a process of keeping their people in poverty while living in palaces. They then pick a scapegoat to blame all of their people's problems on.

They use propaganda, media control and terror to brainwash and control their populace. Then, they try to expand their boundaries through militaristic and idealistic action, all the while claiming the divine or destiny is on their side.

I am writing in regards to your recent editorial about the public beach at Cape Shores in Lewes and the commentary about the private beach at Sea Colony being replenished by the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.

Although Capes Shores roads are private the public beach can be accessed from Port Lewes on our west side and Cape Henlopen State Park on our east side.

Since the State Park is very crowded most weekends and sometimes turns cars away, it would be a simple matter to open a parking lot adjacent to Cape Shores. Cape Shores has never denied access to the under-utilized public beach.

Since we do not own the beach, we never expected to pay the entire cost for beach replenishment. Cape Shores has only asked for some financial help from the Delaware River and Bay Authority, the state and city of Lewes. This would be appropriate to help preserve a public beach.

For years, I have wondered why puts, calls and covered calls don't appear on the 1099B tax form sent from the brokerage firms to their investors. Income from interest, dividends, and the sale of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds is listed on this form.

They said this is an issue that has to be directed to Congress. I wonder if it was done intentionally, or by mistake. You have to wonder how much revenue the government has missed out on over the last 30 years.

The IRS has no idea who is investing in options. As one accountant told me, "It is self-policing and it's up to the individual investor to report it."

An investor actually could have the best of both worlds -- not claim the gain and write off the loss on options. Maybe Congress doesn't really want to eliminate this loophole.

My question to Congress and the IRS is, "Are options a taxable trade?" If they are, they should be listed on the 1099B that comes from the brokerage firms every year. That way, investors know the options are taxable and there is no gray area.

We have Joe Biden the senator, one son working in Washington as a lobbyist, another son running for Attorney General, for which it is questionable that he is qualified.

One Biden is one too many. Senator Biden makes statements that are meaningless. I would like to hear him utter one statement in support of the president or at least offer a real constructive comment on how to conduct foreign policy and other things.

Perhaps the reason he has failed to respond to every letter I have written him is because he is too busy looking for ways to spend money or we just matter at election time.

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