"This is not a good thing to know for the heath-conscious," he said. "And if you work evenings and weekends, the traditional constraints of office etiquette -- one candy per day per jar -- don't apply if there's no one around after-hours to report your violation. Don't get me started on birthdays, doughnut day, pie day and come-on-and-meet-the-new-lawyers day."

Jenny Mikolajczak, an exercise specialist at in Rochester, said her employer encourages her and her colleagues to eat healthfully. This goes a long way in helping her make better choices.

Mikolajczak, 28, of Sterling Heights knows firsthand how the workplace can affect eating habits. Her previous employer was not as encouraging of healthy habits, she said. "There was bad food around all the time. People would bring us food. There were birthday parties."

Her job encourages her to eat every three hours to keep her metabolism up. "Most of my coworkers eat this way," she said. "It's great. There's lots of social support."

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