Ford union workers at the Hapeville plant began receiving separation packages Tuesday that offered eight options, three related to education opportunities.

For workers with 30 years of service or more and at least 55 years old, or at least 65 with one or more years of service, a retirement incentive check of $35,000 (pre-tax).

For workers who are 50, but not normal retirement age, and have 10 or more years of credited service under the Ford-UAW retirement plan, unreduced pension benefits for the life of the retiree and temporary benefits payable until age 62 and one month.

For employees with at least 28 but less than 30 years of credited service, straight-time pay of 85 percent, which ends when employees reach 30 years of service, at which time they would receive regular retirement.

For workers with at least one year of service, gross lump-sun payment of $100,000; retirement-eligible employees must wait 23 months before retiring.

For workers with at least 30 years of credited service or at least 55 years old with at least 10 years of credited service, lump sum pre-tax payment of $140,000. Retirement may take place immediately, and workers electing this option will receive any pension benefits for which they are eligible at that time, based on length of service, plus basic health care coverage for six months. They will be ineligible for post-retirement health care and life insurance benefits.

Workers with at least one year of service may choose tuition reimbursement of up to $15,000 a year for up to four years and an annual stipend worth 50 percent of annualized straight-time wage rate; health insurance and other benefits continue during this four-year period, but participants must enroll in an approved college or vocational school full time and maintain a C average.

Workers may choose a similar program providing two years of tuition payment up to $15,000 per year and 70 percent of wages, instead of 50 percent.

Workers agree to terminate and will receive a scholarship fund totaling $100,000, available for 10 years, which can be used for approved educational expenses for their children, spouses and grandchildren.

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