Chase said some customers who get their payroll checks directly deposited Thursday evenings might not have seen the money in their checking accounts Friday. Chase did not give specific numbers but said the problem affected fewer than 5% of its 1 million checking account holders in Michigan.

A. J. Wagner, 55, is to leave effective Jan. 1. He has been North American president of the credit unit since October 2003 and is also a vice president of Ford Motor.

Wagner will be replaced in the Ford Credit post, said Marcey Evens, a company spokeswoman, but his slot as vice president of the automaker won't be filled.

His retirement comes after Ford Motor hired 's Alan Mulally last month as its chief executive officer, replacing Chairman Bill Ford. The company said last week that Executive Vice President Anne Stevens, 57, and group Vice President David Szczupak were retiring.

Ford says the manufacturers suggested retail price of $34,795 for front-wheel drive and $36,445 for all-wheel-drive models, including $675 for destination and delivery, places it below the base sticker of all its top competitors.

Ford is to launch the MKX and similar Ford Edge late this year in response to customers' shift from SUVs to car-based crossovers and wagons, a trend accelerated by high gas prices.

The University of Michigan Board of Regents approved the sale Friday of , the insurance business of the University of Michigan Health System, to .

The deal, which must be approved by state and federal regulators, calls for Detroit-based Blue Cross Blue Shield to pay $240 million. Officials expect the sale to be finalized late this year or early 2007.

Under the agreement, announced Sept. 12, Blue Cross' HMO subsidiary, , will purchase the M-Care HMO plans and the Medicaid business, . Blue Cross itself will purchase , M-Care's PPO subsidiary.

Ann Arbor-based M-Care is one of a few university-owned health insurers in the country whose plans are open to outside employers and individuals. M-Care and Blue Cross officials have said the approximately 200,000 M-Care members will see current benefits continue after the sale with the option of renewing for 2007. After that, they will have to choose Blue Cross plans.

Of the sale price, $10 million will go toward forming a joint venture with the university to commission research studies and health-care quality-improvement projects.

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