This editorial is not focusing on the presentation, but one aspect of the budget that concerns all Jamaicans currently contributing to, or benefiting from the National Housing Trust (NHT) and National Insurance Fund (NIF).

The government's proposal is to consolidate these funds into one large fund, from which the administration can spend at will on whatever is the national priority. However, the prime minister, at the swearing-in ceremony of her Cabinet ministers, instructed them that no policy must come to the executive without meaningful consultation with the Jamaica people.

However, I hear all this talk about using NHT and NIS funds, and consolidating funds and to my knowledge, this affects every single Jamaican who has to pay NHT and NIS contributions, but yet I hear of no consultation with them.

All these plans and policies the government intends to implement to pay the pension and housing benefits have been laid out. Since these plans will directly affect the welfare of many Jamaican citizens I think it's safe to say that these matters do call for the meaningful consultation of which the prime minister spoke so passionately.

I am most elated that you are the prime minister. You have boosted the morale of many an inner-city youth, but please, do not be just another politician. Be a vehicle of change. Be one who speaks the truth and say what you mean and more important, be a leader who leads by example.

I am no political analyst, but I think it's safe to say that if you upset the Jamaican people, you and Opposition Leader Bruce Golding may very well switch sides in the Parliament. Then, you will have the distinction of becoming not only Jamaica's first female prime minister but also the first female leader of the opposition.

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